Sunday, March 28, 2010

The UAE before & after the oil

In the last 40 years the UAE has had a lot of developments because of the oil found in deserts around Abu Dhabi .In this essay I will show the differences between the UAE then and now.

Before the UAE became one country the lifestyle was different .The people did not have many kinds of food and desserts but they had some food such as rice with BBQ meat. They did not have many cars like now; also not any one could get a car. Before the “oil revolution” there were not many rich people but now there are a lot of them. Also they used to have more animals and more natural resources .There houses were smaller than the houses now. With education in the past, people studied in old buildings and they were taught the Arabic language only and there was no higher education. In the past there was not good medical care or any good hospitals and they used traditional medicines.

Today we have many markets that supply us with many types of items. After the oil founded in the UAE also the salaries increased and reached a high level in the labor market. Also now we have new cars and trucks and many other ways to carry the items to our markets and that make another economic source to our country nowadays everyone go to school and high school. Most can go to universities. The academic level of local universities are better because of the new tasks and the modern studying way also the schools and other educational Institutions getting more and more .Houses also Developed and peoples have a new villas .

In conclusion the oil discovery changed the UAE and life level of any regular nation. I prefer to live in the UAE after the oil found because everything is available.


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